I'm Ryo Nakamura (a.k.a. @r7kamura in the Internet world), a web programmer and game player from Kyoto, Japan, born in 1989.

When I was a child, I liked playing video games with my father. Especially I liked Final Fantasy, a series of fantasy role-playing video games, developed by Square. My first experience of MMORPG was Final Fantasy XI, released when I was a junior high-school student. The experience in a lot of adventures with many of players totally changed my view of things about the Internet.

When I was at the university, I learned computer science and interested in web programming. After graduated in 2012, I started to work at Cookpad Inc., developing one of the most famous cooking recipe sites in the world. After working there about 2 years, I moved to Increments Inc., developing a famous programming-knowledge sharing platform in Japan.



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